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Changsha County Electrical Machinery Energy Efficiency Promotion Conference Held in Tianneng Electric Machinery
On the morning of July 23, 2015, in order to better promote the energy efficiency level of industrial enterprises in Changsha County and promote the upgrading of motor industry, the county-wide Conference on the promotion of motor energy efficiency was held in the
Tianneng Electric dispatched elite soldiers to participate in welding skills competition
On May 17, 2013, the Changsha County Federation of Trade Unions held a welding skill competition with the theme of "We Create a Happy Dream through Labor". The competition was held as scheduled in Changsha County Vocational Secondary Technical School. Tianneng Electrical Machinery also dispatched elite generals. We believe that they will compete in level, style, friendship and team spirit to win glory for Tianneng.
The weeding activities of Tianneng Electric Machine went smoothly
In July, it is the hot summer season with flourishing branches and leaves. In order to maintain our beautiful living and working environment, Tianneng Motor's partners work together to clear weeds, clean up dead corners and create a fresh and 6S-compliant environment.
Tianneng Motor's July Birthday Party opens happily
On July 18, Tianneng Electric's partners gathered for their July birthday. In addition to the special birthday dinner prepared by the company's restaurant, the company also held a birthday KTV party. Whether it's a worker or a business manager who works hard at the front line of the workshop or visits customers in the scorching sun, we won't miss such a wonderful gathering day. Everyone put down their hard work, took their families, raised their glasses, and celebrated this birthday party for themselves and their partners who worked hard together.
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