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Necessity of Mobile Internet Marketing in Mechatronics Industry

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With the rapid rise of internet, mobile Internet and Internet of things, it is not only the need of industry development to promote the construction of information technology and build a new marketing system, but also the commanding point to improve the future competitiveness of enterprises and seize the future new market. In recent years, China's Electromechanical industry has developed rapidly, while the traditional offline market has steadily improved, the share of the online market is gradually expanding, which benefits from the construction of a new marketing system for China's Electromechanical industry in the field of 3G mobile Internet.
Statistical data of China Association of Mechanical and Electrical Products show that in the first three quarters of 2013, China's sales of mechanical and electrical products totaled 12.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 0.5% over the same period. Among them, the traditional off-line market transactions reached 7.8 billion US dollars and the on-line market transactions amounted to 4.7 billion RMB, but the growth rate of the on-line market transactions remained 40%, which fully illustrates the emerging wireless network of China's mechanical and electrical industry. The new market in this field has broad prospects.
Attracted by the broad business opportunities of online market, online "shock" has become the choice of many electromechanical enterprises. With the establishment of "China electromechanical" wireless platform, it marks the establishment of a new marketing platform for Electromechanical industry in the field of 3G mobile Internet, which plays a huge role in promoting the expansion of electromechanical enterprises'online market.
It is reported that "China Mechatronics" 3G platform mainly provides product information release and other services for mechanical and electrical enterprises. After releasing product supply information on this platform, enterprises can accurately put it into the audience in need through the dissemination of "China Mechatronics" platform, thus achieving the promotion and marketing of mechanical and electrical enterprises, and promoting the sales of off-line products of enterprises. This new marketing mode relying on the advantages of the new media of 3G mobile Internet undoubtedly breaks through the disadvantages of traditional offline marketing which is limited by geographical and time, and successfully constructs a perfect marketing system.
Chen Shihe, founder of China Mechatronics 3G platform, believes that with the increasing number of 3G smartphone users in China, the audience of the traditional offline market has gradually shifted to the 3G Internet field, which means that the market of the electromechanical industry has also shifted to the 3G Internet. Today, with the seller as the main part, the electromechanical enterprises must keep up with the pace of the market and actively expand new sales in the field of 3G Internet. Channel.
Compared with the traditional off-line marketing mode relying on advertising and word-of-mouth transmission, the "China Mechatronics" 3G platform can quickly and accurately convey the promotion information to the audience, and the marketing promotion cost is low. More importantly, it promotes the construction of information technology and perfect wireless network sales system for Mechatronics enterprises, which is precisely what Mechatronics enterprises are facing in the future in the world. What the new competitive situation of economic integration needs.