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2015 National Congress of Motor Energy Efficiency Promotion Industry Alliance

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On May 9, 2015, the National Motor Energy Efficiency Promotion Industry Alliance Conference and the National Key Motor Energy-saving Technology Promotion Conference were solemnly held in Beijing Energy-saving Building. Leaders of the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Metrology Department of the State Administration of Quality Supervision attended the meeting and made speeches. Nearly 200 people from scientific research institutes such as China Institute of Standardization, Nanyang Institute of Explosion-proof Electricity, International Copper Industry Association (China) and heads of motor manufacturers and energy-saving service companies attended the meeting.
The Secretariat of the National Union of Electrical Machinery Energy Efficiency Promotion Industry presented its work report for 2014 to the General Assembly and submitted it for consideration of the work plan for 2015, which was adopted by the General Assembly by a vote. The work report mainly summarizes the efforts and achievements made by the Alliance in the field of industrial policy research, industry research, standard system (revision), advanced technology collection and release, market promotion, member services and self-supporting capacity-building in the past year. In 2015, the alliance will continue to serve the government, base itself on the industry and close to the enterprise, focusing on the following aspects: 1. Organizing forces to develop special promotion programs for energy-saving renovation of motor systems in different industries and subregions, focusing on the promotion of advanced energy-saving technologies and equipment of key national motors; 2. conducting extensive industry research to accelerate the improvement of relevant standard systems; 3. Actively promoting the improvement of relevant standard systems; Promote remanufacturing pilot projects, organize demonstration projects for production of key supporting materials and equipment such as high-efficiency motor, stator and rotor stamping, insulation materials, etc. Fourthly, assist the competent government departments to supervise and inspect motor production enterprises.
In order to better enhance the professional, market-oriented and industrialized service capabilities of the alliance and gather experts and technological innovative talents, the conference officially announced the establishment of the National Motor Energy Efficiency Promotion Industry Alliance Expert Committee and the Magnetic Technology Application Professional Committee, and invited Counselor Liu Yanhua and Academician Gu Guobiao to act as consultants. In addition, the General Assembly voted unanimously to adopt the recommendations of the Council of the League on the election of more than one member and the amendment of the statute.
Director Gao Yunhu first affirmed the achievements of the alliance in the past year and gave important instructions to the future development of the alliance. He emphasized that the improvement of motor energy efficiency is a systematic project, involving a wide range of areas and large energy-saving space. However, the industrial structure of different regions is different, the development level of various industries is different, and it is difficult to reform the decentralized nodes and market-oriented organization of system energy-saving. This requires the alliance to give full play to the advantages of the platform, do a good job in consulting services of the government and enterprises, start from the industry and region, constantly sum up experience, innovate working methods, and firmly promote the improvement of motor energy efficiency to achieve practical results. Deputy Director Zhang Yiqun gave important instructions on how to assist the competent authorities in supervising and inspecting the industry self-discipline of the alliance from the angles of measurement standards, energy efficiency labeling and quality supervision and management.
The conference also invited representatives of Dongguan Economic and Credit Bureau, well-known industry experts, excellent production enterprises and energy-saving service companies to give brilliant speeches on energy-saving transformation experience mode, energy-saving standards and evaluation, energy-saving technology of high-efficiency motor and system, high-efficiency remanufacturing, new energy management mode of energy-saving transformation contract for key industries. The representative responded warmly. At the meeting, eight enterprises, including Cigu Group and Beijing Kuiyida Technology Co., Ltd., signed cooperation agreements.