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Tianneng Motor's July Birthday Party opens happily

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On July 18, Tianneng Electric's partners gathered for their July birthday. In addition to the special birthday dinner prepared by the company's restaurant, the company also held a birthday KTV party. Whether it's a worker or a business manager who works hard at the front line of the workshop or visits customers in the scorching sun, we won't miss such a wonderful gathering day. Everyone put down their hard work, took their families, raised their glasses, and celebrated this birthday party for themselves and their partners who worked hard together.
KTV live, everyone's exhibitors, whether deep, sad, or enthusiastic songs were moved to the evening party, the public cheered endlessly. We choose the oldest and youngest partners to cut the birthday cake with knives and share the joy of birthday together. It was a beautiful day. Some people sang and some danced. The birthday party ended in the reluctance of their partners.
Let's look forward to the next happy birthday party!