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China Becomes a New Exporter of Wind Turbines

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More than a decade ago, China relied almost entirely on imports of wind power equipment, but now China has leaped to become an exporter of wind turbines, and the transformation is amazing.
Reporters learned from the "2014 Shanghai International Wind Power and Wind Power Industry Chain Conference and Exhibition" held in Shanghai on February 2 that in 2013, seven wind power equipment manufacturers in China exported 341 sets and installed capacity 69. 20,000 kW, 51% higher than the previous year. 1% and 60. 8%, the best level since the wind turbine export record in 2008.
From 2008 to 2013, China exported 748 wind turbines and 139 installed capacity to 27 countries and regions, according to the wind energy committee of the Renewable Energy Society of China. The export market includes the United States, Australia, Ethiopia, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Chile and so on.
Shi Pengfei, honorary director of the Wind Energy Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, believes that China has become a new exporter of wind turbines. From one side, it shows that after China has built the world's largest wind power industry in 10 years, it has begun to change from extensive quantity expansion to improving quality and reducing the cost of wind power in the whole life cycle.
Statistics show that the annual capacity of wind turbines in China has reached 40 million kilowatts, while the annual demand in the domestic market does not exceed 20 million kilowatts, resulting in serious overcapacity. This shows that China, as an emerging exporter of wind turbines, has not only strong manufacturing capacity for the global market, but also tremendous pressure to expand the external demand market.
According to reports, after nearly 10 years of independent R&D capacity cultivation, Chinese wind turbine manufacturers have launched a series of products to meet the needs of different operating environments, including units operating in low temperature, humid heat, typhoon and high altitude environments, especially those meeting the requirements of low wind speed regions, which is expected to further enhance the international competitiveness of "Made in China". At the same time, the operation and maintenance market of wind power equipment derived from the export of wind turbines is also driving the export of "China Services".