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Reasons for Breaking of Pole Winding in DC Motor and Improvement Measures

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1. The impact vibration of the motor is large, the elasticity of the motor support is strengthened, and the impact of the dynamic impact of the line is reduced.
2. The hard link is broken between the poles. The braided soft or cable connection is used instead, and the connection is fastened and pinned with a hawk to reduce the power of the running connection.
3. The copper strip at the bolt joint is broken, and a copper strip at the end of the coil leading-out end and the end turn fixing is double-decked to enhance the mechanical stability of the place.
4. Connecting bolt is loose. Spring pad or other braking coil can be added. The bolt should not be less than M8. Two bolts can be used to fasten medium and large traction motors.
5. The paint film on the bolt joint is not scraped clean or the surface is oxidized. It can tighten the bolt again after sanding the conductive contact surface and wrap the insulation.
6. Broken copper strip joint caused by poor welding, rewelding or replacement of coils.