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It is our persistent pursuit to win customers'satisfaction with comprehensive service consciousness, enthusiastic service attitude and sincere service behavior.
Firm customer-oriented "inverted pyramid" service concept, adhere to the "harmonious Tianneng" road, is the foothold of all our business activities.
With the management concept of "building a harmonious Tianneng", the company strives to create a harmonious atmosphere of tolerance, trust and unity, and pursues the harmonious development of enterprises, employees, customers and surrounding environment. It is striving to build a "harmonious Tianneng" with culture, responsibility, integrity, morality and humanistic concern.
Enterprise Mission: Committed to the cause of power and kinetic energy conversion, to provide efficient and reliable power for China's economic development.
Enterprise purpose: to create higher economic value and assume more social responsibility.
Enterprise Spirit: People-oriented, down-to-earth, keeping pace with the times, contributing to society, harmonious development.