Talent Recruitment


Employing Director
Only when the right person is placed in the right place can he play a great role. Tianneng Motor is good at seeing the shining points of each employee, and strives to create conditions, by maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, complementing each other's advantages, and making full use of the shining points of each employee, so that it can find its own value in Tianneng Motor Ways to realize, stimulate work enthusiasm, create greater value for the enterprise and society, and realize self-worth at the same time.
win-win development
Value equivalence is the essence of market economy. Enterprises and employees have a win-win relationship. Only with the joint efforts of employees can the rapid growth of enterprises. Employees make contributions to enterprises, and enterprises give employees returns. Through the establishment of scientific performance management, training and promotion system, Tiineng motor enables talented, virtuous and dedicated employees to obtain reasonable material returns and spiritual encouragement.